Ruins Of UnderMountain
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Welcome to Halaster's Halls!
Late at night, when the lamps are flickering low and the wine is running out, taverns in Waterdeep resound with wild tales of how this mage or that rogue or somesuch band of adventurers went down into UM, and what befell them there. The best of tales are those that end with the safe return of adventurers laden with gems, gold coins, magical swords, and grand suits of armor.
Rarely the stories tell of more magnificent things like the giant silvery snail ridden around Castle Ward by the Company of the Cleaver. More common by far are the harrowing tales of those who go in and never come out, those who are found dead, or the poor lost souls driven mad in the depths. A silent toast is often raised in memory of the less fortunate; the elves of the Merry Banner, the dwarves of the Red and Black Axes, and the men of the company of the Silver Dragon, Company of the Brown Bear, and the Brotherhood of the Hydra.
Prey to your gods, brave adventures, that ye don't end up among them.

What happens when you awake to find yourself somehow changed into a minotaur? And that your in full combat with the meanest, most well armed, man scorpion you've ever saw!
Well you've entered the Anti-Dungeon, that's what!

Introducing my third full module for UnderMountain, the Anti-Dungeon marks the return of Telnor's influence, and a totally different way to journey amidst Halaster's Halls!
You are the 5351 th victim to Halaster's Halls!

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Check out the what's new page for updates. The newest addition will be the room log I'll be posting as the group adventures into The Lost Level.
Plus character sheet pages will be forthcoming.No Right Click ALL ARTWORK COPY PROTECTED BY HALASTER'S AUTOMATED DEFENSES!